Frequently asked questions

What is Wheelgoo?

Wheelgoo is a bicycle puncture sealant that fires ultra-microfibres (25 times finer than a human hair) into punctures then uses nano-spheres (used in liquid body armour) to bond these fibres together. This nano-technology means Wheelgoo can get into punctures (such as thorn holes) that other products can’t fix.

Can I use Wheelgoo on other types of wheels?

Yes. Wheelgoo also works on pushchairs and buggies, Wheelgoo, ride-on mowers and wheelbarrows.

How much Wheelgoo should I use on my tyre?

Use these quantities of Wheelgoo to fix and prevent flats:

  • Full-size mountain bike or roadster wheel – 1/2 bottle (125ml)
  • Narrow-rim road racing bike – 1/4 bottle (63ml)
  • Wheelbarrow-sized tyres – one to two bottles

If in doubt, use more Wheelgoo – it improves lateral coverage of the inside of the tyre tread – unless weight is an issue for competition racing.

If you prefer, you can use the formula below to calculate the precise quantity of Wheelgoo to use:

V = W x D x 0.4

  • V = volume of Wheelgoo in millilitres
  • W = width of tyre tread in centimetres
  • D = outside diameter of tyre in centimetres

How long does Wheelgoo last?

Wheelgoo will continue to do its job for the entire life of the tyre.

Can Wheelgoo lose performance over time?

No. As long as there are no contaminants, Wheelgoo will work just as well after years of use.

Is Wheelgoo safe to use on children’s bikes?

Yes. The sealant is water-washable and non-toxic, and contains Bitrex – a bitter-tasting liquid – to discourage ingestion. Each bottle of Wheelgoo comes with a child-resistant security cap for added safety.

Does Wheelgoo come with a guarantee?

Yes. Wheelgoo’s performance is guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase. Manufacturer’s liability is limited to product replacement or cash refund.

Why isn’t Wheelgoo recommended for tubeless tyres?

Wheelgoo is designed for tubed tyres. We don’t recommend it for tubeless tyres, which need a glue-like sealant (generally latex-based) to seal the tyre bead to the rim when they’re first fitted. Wheelgoo isn’t latex based, and doesn’t have the limited life span of latex products. Our design boffins are currently developing a new version of Wheelgoo for tubeless tires.

When is the best time to use Wheelgoo?

We recommend using Wheelgoo in your tyres from new, so it can automatically seal punctures throughout the life of the tyre, and avoid the flats that would otherwise have occurred.

What types of puncture does Wheelgoo seal?

Wheelgoo seals most tread area punctures. It can’t repair sidewall damage or perished tubes. If Wheelgoo doesn’t seal an air leak, it’s likely that the tube is perished or badly damaged. If a repaired tyre goes soft, simply reinflate it to give Wheelgoo another chance to form a seal.

Does Wheelgoo come in bulk packs?

Currently Wheelgoo comes in small 250ml bottles that can be provided to bike shops in bulk. We tested storing Wheelgoo in large containers with a pump, but the Wheelgoo inside worked so well that it plugged the pump hole!

I’m not sure what valves I have on my tyre. How do I tell?

Tube tyres generally have one of two types of valve: a Schrader valve or a Presta valve. Schrader valves have a long metal stem protruding from the tyre with the actual valve sitting inside the tube itself. Presta valves have the mechanics of the valve on the outside. They have a long metal stem with a small metal block with a thinner stem on the end. A diagram of both valve types can be found in the product instructions.

How do I remove the valve from my Schrader tyre?

The best way to remove the core from the valve is to use the core-driver provided in the Wheelgoo pack to unscrew the valve in an anticlockwise direction. The air pressure inside the tyre can make the valve difficult to remove – always protect your eyes when performing the procedure. For more information on how to remove the valve, please refer to the instructions.

What precautions should I take when using Wheelgoo?

As with any product of this type, we suggest you follow these recommendations:

  • keep out of the reach of children
  • protect flooring, clothing and surfaces
  • wear eye protection
  • do not drink the product

Can I ride my bike immediately after using Wheelgoo?

If you’re using Wheelgoo to repair a puncture, ride your bike for at least 25 metres to allow the fibres to compact and seal inside the puncture. If you’re using Wheelgoo for preventative methods, you can use your bike at your convenience.

I’ve accidentally drunk the sealant. What should I do?

Please seek medical attention immediately.

I’ve got the sealant in my eye. What should I do?

Please seek medical attention immediately.

How long will it take me to install Wheelgoo in my tyre?

Installing the sealant should take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes.

I’m having problems getting the Wheelgoo into my tyre

Please see the Wheelgoo's installation instructions for information. If you continue to have problems, please contact us using our live chat facility or enquiry form.