Top Tips

Our promise when you use Wheelgoo is that it will last as long as the entire life of the tyre it has been installed in and continue to do its job. So the best way to make Wheelgoo last for as long as possible is to make sure your tyres have a long and happy life.

But how do you prolong the life of your bike tyre?

We’ve created a quick checklist for you with some tips on the different types of things to look out for and what checks you need to make when you go riding. If you take the best care of your tyres then you’ll get the most out of your Wheelgoo!

Top things to check for to help maintain your bike tyres

Remember to check the condition of your tyres every single day, or if not every time you go for a ride on your bike.

What to check?

- Check the surface and sidewalls of your tyres for any tears or damage. If you find any objects stuck in your tyre tread, however small, make sure you remove them before you ride – they may be sharper and longer than you realise and could work their way deeper into your tyre, if you don’t.

- Check your tyre pressure. Make sure your tyre pressure is at the appropriate level for your weight, tyre type and usage. Take a look at these pressure curve charts from Michelin and see what the recommended tyre pressure is for your type of tyre and usage.

- Check the wear of your tread. You need to replace your tyres when the tread has worn. @LondonCyclist has a great guide on replacing your bicycle tyres for a smoother ride.

- Check your tyres are wide enough for the weight you will be carrying on your journey. Are you carrying a heavier load? Do you have a child seat?

- Store your tyres in a cool, dry area where they cannot easily be damaged. You don’t want them anywhere near the screws, nails or other sharp objects that may be found in your garage!

If you are new to cycling or perhaps have only just begun to cycle more frequently, it may be worth looking into attending bicycle maintenance workshop. There are plenty of courses on offer throughout the country that you can attend. Evans Cycles and Sky Ride both offer a range of bike maintenance classes for different competency levels.